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Miss Fintech born in 2021.

Miss Fintech was founded in 2021 by Corinna Scatena, a lawyer specialized in Financial Services and its team

count with CEOs of Fintech companies, legal, banking, technology and educational specialists.

During the pandemic our Founder, Corinna Scatena, after speaking with friends, family and colleagues,
realized that most people are stressed about their financials.


The financial sector is evolving and getting fully digital:

how to be prepared and how to be confident on the choices you make online everyday?

She started to explain to her youngster family members how neo-banks work, why a videocall is totally
fine to open a bank account, what does it mean to have a crypto-wallet, what to consider before
investing money and why, how to transfer money or get it instantly, why it does matter to have a saving
goal and the multiple ways to reach it: so finally…what FINTECH is!

She realized that most of adults did not get any of these talks when they were younger, which led them
to a stressful adulthood around money topics and technology applied.

At 2am of a February 2021 morning, the domain was bought and the journey started!

In Miss Fintech we highlight the women role in the financial industry and want to connect the young generation

with all the great professionals out there!

Young generation must be empowered and shown with all the possibilities that are out there for them.

We believe that the best way to do so, it is by educating young boys and girls to the post-pandemic money

talks while doing it from an inclusive women perspective.

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