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What is Missfintech?
Missfintech is an e-learning platform offering an educational program on Fintech and banking matters to young adults.

What is Missfintech mission?
Missfintech mission is to promote the financial #education among #teens and young generation thanks to the direct involvement of #fintech companies and #schools. Read our Manifesto! 


What can be learnt on Missfintech?
Our program makes the modern money topic easy and understandable for everyone. In Missfintech you learn directly from companies and specialists of the Financial and Technology sector: CEOs, founders, engineers, lawyers.


When was Missfintech created?
Missfintech was founded in 2021 by Corinna Scatena, a lawyer specialized in Financial Services and its team count with CEOs of Fintech companies, legal, banking, technology and educational specialists.

Who is Missfintech for?
Missfintech is for teenagers and young adults who want to learn about money stuff and Apps that offer financial products to be confident about the everyday money choices.


From where can I access to Missfintech program?
You can access Missfintech program from everywhere! All Missfintech contents are navigable from iOS and Android, Tablet and PC and available in different formats (video, audio, text).


What is included in Missfintech program?
Missfintech program gives you a forever access to videos, content and essential concepts on financial services and money management. Missfintech program is made by micro lessons of 15 mins per day which include micro videos of 2 minutes.


Can I collaborate with Missfintech?
Missfintech boosts the financial literacy and it is constantly looking for collaboration opportunities. Get in touch at

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