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¿Quieres unirte a 
Missfintech ?

La primera plataforma educativa fintech para principiantes

Aprende a administrar tu dinero de una forma sabia y a impulsar tus finanzas

¿Por qué missfintech?

  Learn about Money Apps, Digital Banks, Cryptocurrencies

  Decide how to save money

  Learn how to invest

  Interact with Fintechs and Startups founders

  Involve your School

  Get a certificate recognized by the educational system

Online program


🔓 Unlimited access to our videos, content, quiz and tools.

⏰ Less than 15 min per day.

💬 Get mentored by our Ambassadors.

👥 Be part of our
 supportive community.

Have FREE access for 2 months!  🎉

Hurry up! Beta testers wanted!
We are looking for 100 beta testers who will have
FREE access for 2 months to our exclusive e-learning platform.


join our waiting list

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