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Did you know that:

➡️ OECD recommends that financial education start as early as possible and be taught in schools.

➡️ Financial literacy is a core life skill for partecipating in modern society.

➡️ National surveys show that young adults have amongst the lowest levels of #financial literacy


✅ We help schools in giving financial education to their students and in filling the gap on financial literacy.

✅ Your students will learn how to:

- Manage their money

- Be financially responsible

- Make saving for the future easier


✅ Direct interaction with Fintech companies committed to collaborating with schools, promoting Financial awareness.


✅ We bring companies, well-established businesses, and start-ups, to Schools, where they can explain to the youngest generation the financial services of today and tomorrow, driven by technology.


✅ We create a positive ecosystem of opportunities, thanks to a hectic network of international market players, professionals and institutions.

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