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The student's residence Pare Claret joined Miss Fintech network!

The student’s residence Pare Claret offers to young students of different nationalities a welcoming environment, a healthy atmosphere where students can live and interact between them.


It is located in the center of Girona, a multicultural city in Catalunya, and it does have partnerships with the main universities, anticipating the needs of students and their families.

At Pare Claret they know the youth needs and they commit to listen to the students and provide accommodation models and complementary services to suit any profile.

Students enjoy their freedom along with the responsibility that comes from being part of a community.


Pare Claret mission is to be an important part of students life in the crucial stage of their development as individuals, sharing Miss Fintech values of respect and networking, empowering youth boosting their knowledge. Innovation starts with collaboration!


Welcome to Miss Fintech!

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